Moshe Rogosnitzky

Executive Director & Chairman

Moshe is a leader in the field of targeted and off-label uses of medications, a relatively new approach to pharmaceuticals in modern medicine. An example of “off-label” is the use of aspirin to prevent a heart attack. While this is one of the better known off-label use of a medication there have been numerous discoveries in this field that have yet to have clinical trials for various reasons; most notably the lack of profits for existing drug manufacturers, since they are unable to patent an already existing drug, they are not motivated to research the drugs alternative therapeutic uses. The growth potential in this field are endless as are the benefits to humanity as a whole. Moshe is also an inventor, published researcher and a multidisciplinary scientist with expertise in in the fields of; Inflammatory Bowel Disease, non-invasive cancer diagnostics, abdominal surgery, hemostasis, eye disease, as well as novel treatments for cancers of the liver, prostate and skin. Among his many accomplishments he established and leads non-profit organizations including MedInsight Research Institute, We Fund The Cure and philanthropic medical informational websites such as and In addition to his philanthropic work he has directed the personalized medical consultancy Adjuvant Medical Solutions for over 15 years. He directs several bio-tech start-up companies including Remedeye Inc, Primocure Pharma Inc and LDN Research Group LLC. Most recently he was appointed to the position of Director for The Center for Drug Repurposing at Ariel University. For more details visit Moshe’s blog.