LDNscience® Awareness Campaign

in  MedInsight Research Institute

Extend LDNscience’s success to new audiences LDNscience - we did it! Now enable us to help the next 1 million patients! LDNscience® has helped ...

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Stop the Bleeding Now!

in CDR at Ariel University

Save the victims of stab wounds Stab wounds victims can bleed to death unless the bleeding is stopped quickly. Support this new invention and save th...

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Extinguish the Fire

in University Veterinary Center

Save these dogs from the burning of dry eye disease Their eyes are burning…. Help researchers put out the fire. These dogs deserve a better life -...

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Pterygium / Pinguecula Trial

in Wolfson Medical Center / Ariel University Israel

First Non-Surgical Solution for Pterygium & Pinguecula. Trial of new eye drop for pterygium and pinguecula, to heal the eye without surgery Clin...

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in CDR at Ariel University

The Cureiosity® Database The Cureiosity® database plays an important role in identifying new drug *repurposing opportunities. The Cureiosity® d...

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