Extinguish the Fire

Save these dogs from the burning of dry eye disease

Their eyes are burning…. Help researchers put out the fire.
These dogs deserve a better life – please help make it happen.

A severe dry eye condition known as KCS affects 1 in every 22 dogs. Many of us will have had transient, mild dry eye before, and not consider it much of a problem. But, if you have ever spoken to someone with severe dry eye, you will walk away thankful that you don’t also suffer from it.

For dogs with KCS it can be the worst type of AGONY! Every minute of the day, every moment, engulfs their eyes in a fiery, burning shell. For some, it’s like the feeling you get right after being poked in the eye – watery and painful and unable to see. For others, there is almost no lubrication – to blink is to grind sandpaper across your eyeballs. To avoid blinking only exposes your painful unprotected eyes to the outside world, where sand, dust, pollution and UV rays wreak havoc across the dry surface, like a rock surface in a desert, causing ulceration on the corneal surface.

A dog can’t tell people when it is hurting.

A recent discovery of an eye drop that treats dry eye using a unique mechanism will be trialled in dogs at a world renowned veterinary school. Governments have no interest to fund trials to save dogs from suffering so the researchers are turning to concerned animal lovers to help fund the trial. For the first time, unique biomarkers are being used, and may unlock the secret to providing safe, successful treatment.

Your help could ensure that dogs with dry eye have effective treatment like never before.

You can put out the fire and extinguish their suffering!