Pterygium / Pinguecula Trial

First Non-Surgical Solution for Pterygium & Pinguecula.

Trial of new eye drop for pterygium and pinguecula, to heal the eye without surgery

Clinical Trial of Dipyridamole For Pterygium and Pinguecula

PterygiumPterygium is a growth on the eye surface that affects one in ten people worldwide.

PingueculaPinguecula is a growth (early stage pterygium) on the eye surface that affects five in ten people worldwide.

Currently the only treatment available is surgery. Recent case reports have shown remarkable results of Dipyridamole in treating pterygium and pinguecula.

Dipyridamole, the focus of the study, has been in medical use as a tablet for over 60 years for treating angina. It is being formulated as an eye drop and placed directly into the eye. Patients will have immediate access to this treatment, once proven successful in trial, through their local compounding (special preparation) pharmacies.

With surgery the only treatment option currently available, there is a desperate need for research into non-surgical solutions. By repurposing an existing FDA approved drug for a new use, we will be able to offer a safer, easier and more cost effective option for the millions affected.

This trial, consisting of 40 patients suffering from pterygium and pinguecula, will be carried out at Wolfson Hospital in Israel, in coordination with The Center for Drug Repurposing at Ariel University. The trial is set to last for 1 year and will aim to determine the effectiveness of Dipyridamole Eye Drops, and formally quantify the extent of benefits. The trial is set to start in June 2016 pending completion of sponsorship.

This trial will be funded by We Fund The Cure. We Fund The Cure focuses on researching new uses for existing approved medications and technologies, or research that can yield rapid and significant patient benefit, using existing approved drugs with a track-record of excellent safety.