Bracha Obermeister

Chief Operating Officer

Bracha is a seasoned IT professional, with over 13 years experience as a developer, team leader, scrum master and systems architect for major governmental and private organizations including the Israel National Insurance Institute, IDT, Actus-Imago and most recently AT&T. In 2014 Bracha’s 19 year old niece was diagnosed with a glioblastoma, a highly malignant brain tumor. She was directly involved with the daily care of her niece and became a major source of emotional support for her entire family. She gained first-hand experience in dealing with the medical system and the frustration it elicited. Upon her niece’s passing, several months later, Bracha made the decision to redirect her talents and devote her efforts to promoting accessible healthcare and innovative medical research. In 2015 Bracha joined We Fund The Cure as a board-member and volunteer Chief Operating Officer.